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Try Laser Teeth Whitening For Results in 20 Minutes

A bright white smile is the ultimate cosmetic goal, but it’s not always easy to achieve. Nearly 40 million Americans used tooth whitening products in 2017 to fight the signs of tooth coloration, but not all of them had success. Many over-the-counter whitening kits don’t deliver on their promises. Instead, they cause intense tooth sensitivity and inconsistent, temporary results. 

When you take the time and effort to whiten your smile, make sure you choose the best whitening system for your teeth. EpicX Biolase is the global leader in professional laser teeth whitening, and for good reason! EpicX overcomes every traditional challenge associated with teeth whitening in order to deliver stunning, long-lasting results. 

By choosing a Long Beach, CA dentist who helps patients brighten their smile with EpicX laser teeth whitening, you can benefit from long-lasting, attractive results. 


Why Are Your Teeth Stained?

Tooth discoloration develops gradually as the effects of food, beverages, age, and certain lifestyle habits take their toll. 

Tooth Discoloration From What You Eat

Food and drinks are the most common culprits of staining to the outer layer of your teeth called the enamel. Coffee, wine, soda, and other popular dark-colored drinks contain potent pigments that bond to and stain tooth enamel. Discoloration doesn’t appear immediately, but little by little your white enamel turns dark and full. 

Here are a few of the worst food and beverage culprits:

  • Black coffee and tea
  • Soda and dark juices
  • Dark condiments like soy sauce
  • Red wine
  • Dark berries

In addition to foods that directly stain your teeth with their pigments, unhealthy diet choices can also make discoloration worse. If most of your diet consists of processed foods loaded with sugar and acid, your teeth are more likely to suffer the effects of plaque, cavities, and decay.

Tooth Discoloration From Poor Oral Care

Poor oral care is another common cause of tooth discoloration. If you fail to brush and floss regularly, it’s all too easy for bacteria, acid, and plaque to accumulate and harden into tartar. Plaque and tartar both create an unsightly yellow coating around your teeth that leads to other issues like bad breath, decay, and tooth loss. Fortunately, it can all be avoided with better oral hygiene! The simple actions of brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist twice a year help prevent discoloration before it begins.  

How Does EpicX Fight Tooth Discoloration?

EpicX laser teeth whitening approaches tooth discoloration in a new and innovative way. 

First, your dentist cleans the surfaces of your teeth with a glycerin-free pumice. This doesn’t hurt, but it does gently remove any dental plaque and superficial stains that could potentially disrupt the whitening process. 

Next, a “liquid dam” is applied to cover all of the soft tissue in your mouth. Again, this is a completely painless process that applies a soft strip about 2mm wide to protect your gums. The liquid dam guarantees that the whitening gel won’t slide down onto your soft tissue and cause burning or sensitivity. 

Once your mouth is prepped for whitening, your dentist will connect a whitening activator with the base gel. This makes it possible to apply whitening formula immediately at its full strength. You’ll relax as the whitening gel is softly applied to your teeth in four equal sections. If you have experienced difficulty with sensitive teeth in the past, be sure to ask your dentist to use the EpicX desensitizer formula. 

After your teeth are fully coated in whitening gel, your dentist will use the EpicX laser handpiece to activate the gel. This only takes about 30 seconds per “quadrant” of your mouth, or two minutes in total. During this time, the laser energy interacts with chromophores in the proprietary laser-activated gel to accelerate your in-office whitening procedure. The full application of whitening gel and laser energy is performed twice for best results. 

This process may sound extensive, but it actually only takes 20 minutes! That’s a fraction of the time normally required with other systems. After your dentist removes all of the gel and applies polish to enhance your smile’s luster and shine, it’s time to enjoy your results. Most patients experience 6 to 12 shades of whitening with just 20 minutes of gel-to-tooth contact time. 

Simply put, there’s no other in-office system that produces such dramatic whitening results in such little time. 

Begin Laser Teeth Whitening in Long Beach, CA Today

The path to whiter teeth isn’t long or difficult at all! Dr. Pakiz and his team of experts in Long Beach, CA are here to help you use cutting-edge technology to make unsightly tooth discoloration disappear in record time. 

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