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Porcelain Crowns in Long Beach

Durable, natural-looking crowns

A crown is a cap that completely covers a tooth. Crowns are generally made out of porcelain or some other type of ceramic. In some cases a porcelain crown will be fused to a strong shell of metal, such as gold for greatest longevity.

Dr. Pakiz has over 25 years of experience designing and placing aesthetic crowns for his patients. He will choose a shade and shape of crown that will best match your other teeth. For your crown fabrication, he uses an excellent lab that uses the best materials and creates very natural-looking restorations.

Precision Crowns with iTero™

Dr. Pakiz uses an intraoral scanner called an iTero to take 3D impressions of your teeth, then uses the 3D images to design your custom crown.

The design is then sent to an excellent dental lab that Dr. Pakiz has been working with for years. The lab will sculpt your crown using high-quality e.max porcelain, and for those who request it, porcelain fused to 22 carat gold underneath, which discourages bacteria from growing beneath the gum line.

Once the crown comes back from the lab Dr. Pakiz will make sure it is a proper fit, then permanently cement it in place.

When to use crowns

There are several reasons your dentist may recommend a crown. The most common reason is to take care of a large cavity threatening the health of a tooth. Other reasons include:

  • Root Canals – To protect a tooth that has had a root canal. A tooth is more susceptible to fracture as a result of root canal therapy, as the dead tooth is now less resilient.
  • Implants – in order to replace missing teeth with an implant, your dentist will design a crown that fits over the implant placed in your jawbone to simulate a natural tooth
  • Cosmetics – crowns can be used for cosmetic purposes to improve the color or shape of a tooth, or even to change the style of an entire smile. Dentists usually use veneers for this, but in some cases where a tooth is too damaged or decayed, a full crown may be necessary

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