New Patient Exams and Cleanings

New Patient Exams and Cleanings in Long Beach

Our competent, friendly staff will guide you along on your first visit.

Competent, friendly exams and cleanings

Our thorough examinations help us gain a full understanding of your oral health so that we can provide you with the best treatment options possible. We go through your options in great detail, often giving you several to choose from and making sure you understand them all so you can make an informed choice.

Keeping your teeth healthy for life

Dr. Pakiz strongly believes in preventative dentistry and takes a very conservative approach, which means he doesn’t do unnecessary procedures, and he educates you on how to maintain your dental health for life.

Thorough, comprehensive exams

During your first visit to our practice, you will be greeted by our friendly and caring front office staff. They will provide you with a welcome letter and a packet of forms you will need to fill out so we can provide you with high-quality dental care.

Once this is done, you will be given a thorough, comprehensive exam. Your new patient exam will include the following services:

Digital X-rays

New Patient Exams & Cleanings in Long Beach

We use digital X-rays for their speed and accuracy. Digital X-rays emit far less radiation than film X-rays.

We take low-radiation digital X-rays to get a comprehensive view of your mouth, teeth and gums. We take a full set of X-rays, including panoramic X-rays.

Medical and dental history

Our staff will review your medical and dental history, filling in any blanks by asking you additional questions as necessary so we can get a full understanding of any dental work you’ve had done and any medical conditions that need to be taken into consideration.

Digital 3D Impressions

New Patient Exams & Cleanings in Long Beach

The iTero is used to take digital impressions of your teeth.

We use a special intraoral scanner called the iTero to create a 3D impression of your teeth. This allows us to get an exact representation of your teeth and gums without having you bite down on uncomfortable impression trays.

Intraoral camera

The doctor will use a special handheld camera that allows you to follow along visually while he examines your mouth so he can point out specific areas of your gums and teeth that need to be addressed

Blood pressure check

New Patient Exams & Cleanings in Long Beach

A blood pressure check is part of every new patient exam.

A routine part of new patient exams involves checking your blood pressure. This is done because abnormal blood pressure can lead to serious consequences if certain dental procedures are performed, so it is vital for us to have an accurate reading of your blood pressure.

Oral cancer screening

Dr. Pakiz will do a visual screening of your mouth to check for abnormalities or cancerous growths.

Periodontal probing

A periodontal probe is used to measure the pocket depths around your teeth. The depth of your periodontal pockets is important information, as it is an indication of your level of gum health.


New Patient Exams & Cleanings in Long Beach

Dr. Pakiz will explain what he finds during your exam so you know exactly what needs to be done.

After your examination is complete, Dr. Pakiz will go over the results of the exam, explaining what areas of your dental health need to be improved and going over all possible treatment options with you. He will also take this time to answer any questions and concerns you may have so you fully understand what options are being presented and can make an informed decision.

Treatment plan

Based off the exam results and your input, Dr. Pakiz will create a treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs and preferences. Once this is done, you can schedule your treatment with our office staff and be on your way to achieving perfect dental health!

$99 Dental Health and Wellness Special

This online special includes:

  • Total health oral exam
  • Complete full-mouth X-ray
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Blood pressure check
  • Periodontal probing

Usual value ($250.00)

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Gentle, thorough Cleanings

Coming in for regular cleanings isn’t just about keeping your teeth nice and shiny—it also allows us to nip any early stages of gum disease in the bud, and even avoid it altogether.

Our highly trained hygienists have years of experience with dental cleanings and are gentle and thorough. They make sure to take their time and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Patient education

New Patient Exams & Cleanings in Long Beach

We educate you on good at-home-care hygiene habits.

When you come in for your first cleaning, our hygienists will provide you with a new patient booklet and a personalized folder with your treatment plan, both of which are used to help educate you on good dental hygiene.

We take the time to educate you on any areas of oral hygiene you need help with so you can be proactive about maintaining your dental health.

Ultrasonic Scaler

High-Tech Dentistry - Ultrasonic ScalerOur ultrasonic scaler uses high frequency vibrations to eliminate hard mineral deposits, tough stains and tartar from teeth without harming the teeth. It does this both above and below the gum line, so it is an excellent tool to eliminate bacteria buildup. Patient comfort level is another excellent reason why this is one of the best tools for ensuring a thorough cleaning.

Laser gum disease therapy

We offer laser gum disease therapy to our patients on a case-by-case basis. This is a highly-effective, minimally-invasive option for treating periodontal disease. Our soft tissue Biolase laser is used in conjunction with deep cleaning to remove disease-causing bacteria and decayed tissue from your gums so they can be restored to good health and function.

Click here to learn more about laser gum disease therapy.

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