Mouth Guards in Long Beach

Mouth Guards in Long Beach

Mouth guards can help keep your teeth safe from harm while you’re engaged in physical activity.

Comfortable Mouth Guards that Protect Your Teeth and Smile

A mouth guard is an oral appliance custom-made to protect your teeth from serious trauma or injury. They are also used to protect your teeth from wear caused by clenching or grinding during sleep.

Custom sports mouth guards to shield your teeth

Dr. Pakiz creates custom mouth guards for you or your child to wear while engaging in sports or other physical activity. These mouth guards are made from high-quality material that is comfortable and provides superior protection to your teeth, lips, gums and jaw so you can enjoy your activities without having to worry about damaging your teeth.

Night guards for teeth clenching and grinding

Mouth Guards in Long Beach

Mouth guards are custom-made in order to provide the best fit and protection.

If Dr. Pakiz sees evidence that suggest you are grinding your teeth he will let you know what your options are for protecting them. Mouthguards are very effective against teeth grinding while you sleep.

Clenching of the jaw and grinding teeth is a common night-time occurrence for many people. More than 8% of the American population grind, squeeze, clench, or rub their teeth together during sleep or while under stress.

If left unchecked clenching and grinding can cause wear and damage to your teeth. Jaw pain and headaches are also a common side effect, as clenching your teeth can place undue tension on your facial muscles.

Dr. Pakiz can create a custom night guard if needed. Wearing it every night will help protect your teeth and can even ease head and jaw pain.

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