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Itero Element 2 Scanner: Cutting Edge Tech For Your Smile

Dentists specialize in cleaning teeth and filling cavities, but they’re also oral health advocates who utilize advanced technology to protect and enhance your smile.

At Long Beach Dental in Long Beach, California, Dr. Pakiz is committed to using state-of-the-art technologies such as the iTero Element 2 Scanner to improve his patients’ dental care and address dental problems quickly and efficiently. 

It’s important to know that your dentist can leverage technologies that maximize your health and wellness, which is exactly why the Long Beach Dental team is so excited to announce the newest addition to their office: the iTero Element 2 Scanner. 


What Is Digital Imaging?

X-rays play an important role in dental evaluations and treatments, but they have their limits. That’s why dentists like Dr. Pakiz are turning to digital x-rays to detect, diagnose, treat, and monitor oral problems. 

Unlike standard x-rays that use radiation energy to capture 2D black-and-white images, digital x-rays capture incredibly precise 3D images that can be used for any purpose imaginable. 

The team at Long Beach Dental is proud to use cutting-edge digital imaging technology to capture and utilize these images more effectively than ever before. The iTero Element 2 Scanner delivers sharp digital images to help Dr. Pakiz make strategic treatment decisions. 


How is iTero Digital Imaging Used?

Digital imagine takes place inside and outside of the mouth. The images taken inside the mouth, known as intraoral scans, are most valuable to assess the health of the mouth and identify potential problems such as cavities and bone health. The images taken outside of the mouth, known as extraoral scans, provide information on impacted teeth, jaw growth and development, and facial joints. 

In the past, x-rays provided an important but restrictive way to evaluate the condition of the mouth. With digital imaging, it’s easy for your dentist to view images instantly, manipulate and enhance them on the screen, and transmit them electronically to others. There are virtually no limits to the ways in which digital images can be used to improve and protect your oral health!


Top 4 Benefits of the iTero Element 2 Scanner 

1. Stunning Color Imaging

Black and white images have become a thing of the past! The iTero Scanner delivers enhanced color effects. They allow Dr. Pakiz to effortlessly examine your teeth, gums, tongue, and jawbone. he uses this information to make strategic treatment decisions based on his observations. Even the most subtle change in color may indicate an oral health problem that deserves immediate attention. 

2. Precise Details

The iTero Element 2 Scanner makes it easy for your dentist to closely examine even the smallest nooks and crannies of your mouth. He can use these images o uncover hidden areas of decay between the teeth or below existing restorations. Other serious problems like bone infections, gum disease, abscesses, and tumors can be easily detected with iTero. 

3. Integration with same-day crowns

The iTero Element 2 Scanner offers simple integration with chairside milling technologies such as CEREC same-day crowns. First, Dr. Pakiz uses the iTero to collect highly detailed images of your teeth, gums, and the entire mouth. He then uses those images to create a digital mold of the restoration you need, such as a crown or bridge. 

That digital mold is sent to the chairside milling machine. The machine quickly collects iTero’s information and mills a perfectly customized dental restoration. 

4. Itero Integration with clear aligners

Just like the imagines captured by the iTero can be used to model and customize same-day dental crowns, they can also be used to design clear aligners like Invisalign. In act, the iTero is specifically programmed to integrate with Invisalign and create precise, customized aligners. 

Whether you need a dental crown, orthodontic work, gum disease treatment, or anything in between, Dr. Pakiz can provide the care you need. The solid foundation of every Long Beach Dental treatment begins with digital imaging using the iTero Element 2 Scanner.

Armed with precise details of the condition of your mouth, Dr. Pakiz can customize any treatment or procedure you need to maximize and embrace better oral health. Schedule your appointment today to see for yourself!