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Blog by Long Beach Dentist – Dr. Steven Pakiz, DDS

Preparing For a Root Canal? Here’s What You Need to Know

Nearly every adult knows what it feels like to experience tooth pain, but some discomfort is so severe that it can’t possibly be resolved with a few Ibuprofen. Significant tooth pain is often the cause of extensive decay that can only be alleviated with a root canal.  Nearly 15 million people undergo root canal therapy […]

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Do You Need Laser Gum Treatment?

We spend so much time focusing on brushing our teeth that we often overlook the health of our gums. The truth is, your gum tissue sets the pace for the rest of your oral health. If bacteria and disease take control of your gums, the rest of your mouth is doomed without proper treatment.  Gum […]

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4 Easy Tricks to Protect Your Smile

You only get one mouth- how are you treating yours? The best oral health requires more than just a toothbrush. Since the condition of your mouth affects your confidence, first impression, and overall physical health, there are countless reasons to make your oral health a top priority. The following list of quick and easy tips […]

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It’s Not Too Late To Make These 5 Oral Health Resolutions

Another year has come and gone. The New Year doesn’t change everything, but you can take steps to make sure it changes your oral health for the better!  Whether you’re reading this at the start of the New Year or halfway through, it’s never too late to make positive changes in your oral care routine. […]

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