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About Our Practice

Knowledgeable, friendly and caring dentistry

Dr. Saad has been delivering knowledgeable, high-tech dentistry to the residents of Long Beach for over twenty years.

His primary concern is his patient’s health and well-being, and he works to provide treatment plans that use the minimal amount of dentistry needed to achieve the desired results. Dr. Saad gives patients al available options for their treatment and never pushes unnecessary procedures on them.

A comfortable, relaxing environment

We have created a calm, spa-like atmosphere where patients can relax and feel at ease while receiving their treatment.

Our comfort amenities include:

  • Warm blankets and heated aromatherapy neck pillows
  • Soothing music
  • Handmade aromatherapy candles
  • Calming nature videos

We do our best to accommodate all of our patients’ needs to make their visits as pleasant as possible.

We listen to you and explain procedures thoroughly

We believe that good communication with our patients is the key to success. Dr. Pakiz highly values your input, and makes sure all of your questions and concerns are answered. He uses terms that you can understand, so you always know what is happening, and what to expect during your treatment.

Experienced, friendly dentist

Dr. Pakiz has over twenty-eight years of experience in general and cosmetic dentistry. He graduated from UCLA Dental School in 1988, and over the years has taken additional courses to keep himself up-to-date on the latest dental technology and procedures. He is a Preferred Provider of Invisalign® clear teeth straightening treatment.

State-of-the-art dental technology

Our doctor and staff use advanced technology to deliver accurate, efficient and minimally invasive treatment. Included amongst our high-tech tools are low-radiation digital X-rays, a 3D digital impression scanner, DNA testing on gum-disease-causing bacteria and an advanced dental laser for non-surgical gum disease treatment.

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Invisalign® clear teeth straightening

As a Preferred Provider of Invisalign, Dr. Pakiz has corrected the alignment of close to one hundred smiles with Invisalign. Using clear, plastic trays called aligners, he can straighten your teeth to make your smile more aesthetic, and can also correct various bite issues such as overbite and gaps.

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Dental Health and Wellness Special


Value: $270
  • Total health oral exam
  • complete full mouth xray
  • consultation
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